How To Make Friends In A New School

New School? Here's how to find your gang

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It’s a new school year and many of you may be starting in a brand new school. Whether you’re heading into First Year somewhere you don’t really know everyone, or you’ve changed schools for personal reasons, many people will be in the same boat.

If you’re starting somewhere new and want to get off on the right foot, here are some top tips for making new friends.

Don’t Get Cliquey
It can be easy to fall into one particular group if you’re nervous and just desperate to find your place, but it’s not the best way to make new friends. Yes, it’s great to find a group that has the same type of interest (sports/drama/beauty) but this doesn’t mean they have to be your only friends. They say that opposites attract and this can be true for friendship too, just because someone doesn’t have the same immediate interests as you doesn’t mean you can’t be BFFs forever. Instead, finding people who have the same values as you, whatever their interest, can go a long way.If kindness, loyalty and honesty is super important to you, people who also feel that way will make great friends, even if they’re not TikTok obsessed or have never gone to a Football match like you!

If you do find a group of people you’re friendly with, this doesn’t mean you should stop making an effort with everyone else. If you hear your new friends saying something mean about a quiet girl, don’t join in, as this type of behaviour won’t gain you good friends. Instead, be nice to everyone you meet, no matter what your first impression of them is, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover so make an effort to get to know everyone and the nicest, kindest, most fun ones will become great friends.

Join Up
If there is an extracurricular you love, get on it! Whether you’re a camogie fanatic or love singing show tunes, chances are there’s a group or after school club you can get involved in. Whether it’s a Glee Club or GAA training, it’s a great way to make friends, because you’ll be doing what you love and you’ll feel like your true self, so people can get to know you for who you really are.

Say Yes

Sometimes people can say no to hanging out or doing social things because they are shy or nervous but it’s important to remember that if you were invited somewhere, people want you there. If you feel comfortable, and your parents let you, don’t be afraid to head to Nandos after school or for a walk in the park with new girls at the weekend, sometimes taking the friendship outside of school is the best way to bond. So if you’d love to go somewhere, don’t be afraid to just SAY YES!

Don’t Rule Out The Opposite Sex

Boys can be fun to crush on and talk about with your girl pals, but boys make great friends too. If you’re going to a mixed school, don’t rule out making friends with some of the lads too. Best friends don’t always have to be girls, so if a boy shows an interest in chatting to you, or you see someone that seems fun and sound, don’t rule out that person becoming a great friend.

Remember Everyone Is In The Same Boat

Remember that everyone is starting this strange new year together, sure some people are coming to a school where they already know people, but the school year is new for everyone. This year in particular, it’s going to be a strange one, with social distancing, face masks and other rules and regulations throughout the year. Remember that everyone is a little unsure of how they feel right now, and it’s not just you who is nervous.

Good luck!