How To Make Sure Your Instagram Is Making You Happy Instead Of Anxious

Right down to your explore page

Social media is supposed to be a place to chat friends, get inspired and have a laugh. But sometimes it can feel a bit like it’s doing the opposite – cutting us off from friends, feeling annoyed and even making us sad.

Instagram and other apps are a huge part of our lives and they’re not going anywhere, so if you continue to use them, you might as well make sure they’re bringing you joy.

Insta audit

First, have a think about what you love and what you hate about the app. Do you love all the beauty inspo you get but hate seeing so many ‘perfect’ bodies? This means you should focus on makeup accounts and follow people with bodies more like yours. If you feel like you love celeb news but real-life news is bringing you down a bit, try following some fun entertainment sites but unfollowing a news one that stresses you out. Sometimes having a think about what you love about IG and what you really want it to be for, is a simple but huge step in making your account so much better.

Screen time

Social media is super addictive so we all have to be pretty conscious of our screentime. The best way to manage this is to fully understand how much time you’re spending online. On Instagram, you can check in settings how much time you’re spending on the app. Remember that this is only one of the many apps you may use so it’s probably best if it’s under an hour!

The best thing about this feature is that you can also set a reminder for when you’ve got over a certain amount of time. This way, you can set it to, for example, 30 minutes and that way you’ll be told when you’ve gone over that. Don’t worry, it’s not going to lock you out of the account or anything like that, but it will help you to be more mindful. That way, the next time you go to click into the app, you might ask yourself, ‘do I really need to?’.

Explore page

The explore page is a great place to discover new accounts, find nice pics and just escape from your usual timeline. For this reason, it’s so important that the explore page actually features what you want on it. Sure it’s supposed to be tailored to your needs, but sometimes it might base the page on your gender, age or similar pages you’ve clicked into, even if you clicked into them out of curiosity or even if it was something you didn’t actually like. This means that it might be showing you adds for ‘diets’ (which, honestly, no one in the world needs, because they’re not realistic or safe) or for people or things you really don’t have much interest in.

Here’s what to change that

If there is something that keeps coming up on your page that you don’t want, simply click into it and using the three dots at the top, click it and select ‘not interested’. If you wish there were more cute nail pics or helpful quotes, start saving these types of posts on IG, this way you’re telling the app what you want to see most, and before you know it, your explore page will be a total inspo page.

So then it’ll look more like this…

Done! Now go enjoy your IG!