How To Make The Most Of Your Virtual Graduation

7 ways to make your zoom graduation extra special.

It’s official, schools are out for summer. Usually, this time cannot come quick enough but this year everyone’s wishing they could have had more time in school to enjoy the exciting build-up to summer… those last few days in your current year when classes are composed of movies and sweets and no actual work.

Whether you’re graduating from TY or sixth year it’s important to celebrate the ending of the school year with your friends. Although it’s going to be different from every other year, we’ve got some tips for hosting the perfect virtual graduation party.

1. Pick A Date

This might seem like an obvious first point, but if you want to do it right, you have to make sure everyone is available and has no other zoom calls or family quiz nights at that time. No point organising the night before and only having half the class. Save the date guys!

2. Dress To Impress

We are taking every small opportunity to wear some real clothes and get our glam on this quarantine. Trip to the supermarket? let me curl my hair… So, your own graduation is the perfect opportunity to give yourself the full glam treatment, tan? lashes? dress? How far will you go? Being all dressed up with your friends is half the fun and makes it feel more like an actual event. (Not to mention the opportunities for some bomb selfies because insta is full of throwbacks right now).

3. Awards

The classic end of year activity – the awards.  A virtual awards ceremony can be organised very simply. First, put all of the classes names into a random name generator, like one that picks secret Santas for people, each person will receive a person to come up with an award for. Do this a couple of days in advance so they have time to have a good think. On the night go through the class one by one and let everyone present their award, these can be ‘most likely to’, or best dressed etc, there are loads of ideas online if you’re stuck google ‘graduation superlatives’.

4. Yearbook 

Make a virtual yearbook by surprising your class with a powerpoint of their glow ups. A simple but effective activity that is sure to get some laughs, scroll back on their oldest pictures and then put it beside their latest selfie, share your screen and wait for the cringes.

5. Quiz round

Whats a zoom call without a quiz? Ask a few volunteers to create quiz rounds related to your time in school, these can include picture rounds, ‘guess the tweet’, ‘which teacher said this…’ the possibilities are endless. But be warned, these can take a while to get through so maybe don’t have 30 people make a round each…

6. Memory Lane

Ask each person to come up with their favourite/ funniest memory for the year and share them one by one, it’ll remind you of some that you forgot and give everyone some nice mems to look back on.

7. Class TikTok

We’ve all seen those TikToks of sports teams filming themselves throwing a ball to each other in and out of the shot right? Or the iconic one Aideen Kate made of the MUA’s? So why not make one for your class? Pass around a fake ‘diploma’ to each other and put all the videos together, add some random activities or funky outfits to make it funny. Put them all together on TikTok and you have a gas class graduation vid to showcase it on the night.

@aideenkatemuaI needed a bit of help getting ready 🙃 @ellieekellyy_ @keilidhmua @lolaliner @makeupbyjaack @ciaciaxo @isabellekategm @makeupwithjah ##fyp ##makeup♬ You Do You – Dillon Francis

The biggest point of all is to enjoy it! have the lols and if things don’t go to plan or someone forgot to make an award that’s fine! Make one up on the spot, this is all about having fun with your class and marking the end of another year, we hope you enjoy, CONGRATS GRADS!

Words: Jade Carpenter