How To Make This Your Best School Year Yet

Have an A+ year


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By now you’ve got the new school supplies, your mam has cleaned your uniform to within an inch of its life, you’ve decided with your best friend if you’re wearing your hair up on down for the first week back and you’re ready to break in your brand new school shoes. So what else do you need to make this your best school year yet?

Well, you’d be surprised what a change in mindset can add in making the year ahead a success. No, we don’t just mean ‘make sure you study for 4 hours a night and you’ll do great’, we’re talking about getting your thoughts and goals in order so that you can be the very best version of yourself for the next year, because academia isn’t the only sign of success, being a kind, thoughtful, and well-rounded person are just as important as passing your tests.

The best part of a new school year is that you have the chance to start afresh this school term, you have the power to be who you want to be and in one year’s time, your future can be going full steam ahead on the best track there is.

There are a number of ways you can guarantee the year 20/21 is your year. Your destiny is your own, here’s how you can go out there and get it.

Say it with a smile 

When you talk your mouth only tells about 7% of the story, while your body does a massive 55% of the talking. With this ‘new year – new you’ attitude (cringe yes, effective, also yes) you should think about what your body is saying along with your words. There are over 50 types of human smiles and a lot of them are big fat fakes. By flashing a genuine smile, think a massive cheesy one, you’re telling the world that you’re a happy-go-lucky kind of gal who’s ready to take on new challenges, friends, and whatever else can be thrown your way (2020 has launched a few grenades).

So, enter the school year with a smile on your face, even if you’re feeling anything but smiley on the inside and it will work wonders to boost your mood. It’ll probably help with keeping teachers off your back too because they’ll take your happiness for enthusiasm, so you know, win-win.

Be strict on yourself 

Just like getting organised is important, setting rules for yourself and sticking to them is important too. If you’re likely to get carried away on your phone in the evenings, download an app that tracks your screen time and allows you only a certain amount of time on each app. If you seem to always find yourself doing your homework last minute on a Sunday, make a new rule that you’ll always get all your work done on a Friday evening, leaving you with the full weekend to enjoy yourself.

On the flip side of that, if you’re someone who focuses on school work maybe a little too much, set some ground rules to ensure that you don’t burn yourself out. Instead of spending your entire evening and weekends dedicated to school work, allow yourself to do some fun things. Of course, doing your homework and assignments is important, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live a little too. When you’re finished with your work do something you enjoy like watching TV, chatting with friends, reading a book, whatever it may be, and forget about school for a minute. It’s all about finding that right balance, and once you do, you’ve cracked it!

Get organised 

Yes, we sound like your moany parents now, but they’re kind of on to something here. Organisation really is the key to succeeding, or at least partly anyway. So, doing things like laying out your uniform the night before, and preparing your lunch when you get in from school will work wonders to leave you with a clear mind the morning of school.

You can take this prep a step further, and even promise yourself that you’re going to have a mini pamper night every Sunday evening. Instead of staying out late with your friends, head home, run yourself a bath, and pop on a sheet mask. Afterwards, you could curl your hair, pop on some fake tan, do whatever makes you feel good within yourself, that way you’ll start every Monday off on the right foot, leading to a chain reaction of a good week, and ultimately a good year.

Keep a healthy mind and body 

It’s true when they say that your body is a temple. Looking after yourself both mentally and physically is important when it comes down to studying and sitting exams. If you’re exhausted from a lack of sleep and eating veggies, your mind will know it. Doing your best to have a balanced diet, eating lots of fruit and vegetables, exercising as often as you feel like doing it, and looking after your mental health are all ways to ensure that this school year will be your best yet.

While it’s easy to know what to do to be healthy physically, it sometimes isn’t so clear when it comes to looking after your mental health. If you feel that you’re struggling mentally, the best thing you can do is reach out to someone, it could be a parent, teacher, or whoever you feel comfortable with. You can set up an appointment with your GP to discuss the options you have, or you can chat with Teenline on 1800 833 634.

Set Goals 

Want to get a B in your Maths summer exam this year, or hoping to be crowned sports student of the year? Write it down! Setting yourself goals in your head is great, but writing them down is key to achieving them. Buy yourself a bullet journal or planner and just as the school year begins, write down a list of all of the things you want to achieve this year. Every few months you can check-in and see how your progress is going, if you’ve lost track reevaluate and see what else you can do to reach your goal.

Remember, your goals don’t all have to be academic either, you could promise yourself to always stand up for what you feel is right, or to never allow any form of bullying or inequality happen in front of you, these kind of goals are completely valid too, and will set you on the right track to being the best person you can be.

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