How To Remove Shellac Nails At Home, According To Experts

And it just takes seven easy steps!

Is your Shellac polish reaching the three, four-week stage? Have you noticed chips, growth in your nails and signs that would usually make you book another appointment?

Yeah, us too.

As we’re in a time where we don’t know when beauticians and salons will open doors again, we’re taking advice from the experts on how to keep our nails in the best shape possible until we can get them professionally done again.

Now, most importantly, one piece of advice that is being echoed by all nail experts is: DO NOT PICK OFF YOUR OWN SHELLAC.

Yes, I know the urge. When you see the polish starting to lift at the corners of the nail, it can be so tempting to give it a rip but in doing so you are peeling off top layers of your nail – not good.

Instead, Fifth Avenue nail salon has given us some tips and steps on how to correctly remove Shellac polish at home.

Firstly, what do you need?

You need: 

Nail file
Cotton pad

Step one

Gently remove the Shellac top coat by filing across the nail with a good nail file. Repeat this for every nail until you’ve removed the top coat of paint.

Step two

After filing your nails, soak 10 cotton pads in acetone and cut out 10 pieces of foil. Then, with your acetone cotton pads, wrap each one around each nail and hold them in place by covering them in foil.

Step three

After wrapping each nail, sit for 10 minutes and leave the acetone soak into the nails.

Step four

Remove foil and using a stick, gently remove the remaining Shellac paint from your nails.

Step five

Then, once all the Shellac paint has been removed, using your nail file again, shape your nails into your desired shape.

Step six

After shaping your nails, don’t forget to buff the surface of them using a nail buffer. This will get your base prepped and ready for the next coat.

Step seven

And finally to seal and protect your nails, coat them with a strengthening polish or a nail polish of your choice.

And you’re done.

A massive thanks to the ladies at Fifth Avenue for providing us with all the tips and tricks to remove Shellac polish safely.

Fifth Avenue salons are located in both Dublin and Cork.

You can check them out by visiting their site here.

Words: Denise Curtin