How To Separate Your School Life From Your Everyday Life

Because school doesn't have to be 24/7

With things like exams and study constantly being on your mind, it can be so hard to find time for yourself and for the things you love doing outside of school work. But although school is important, finding yourself and doing things you love is important too.

Looking after yourself and creating a system that gives you a balance between school and life is key to succeeding rather than burning yourself out over time.

Luckily, with hindsight on our side, we’ve got some tips for how you can balance your studies with your free time, separating the two when the time is right.

Give yourself a timetable 

Your best friend when it comes to separating two things in your life is designating time for each activity. Putting together a timetable or calendar system to organise when and how long you’ll be doing these things can really map things out easier for you.

Creating a google calendar can really make a difference. Being able to set aside study times for after school and outside of school days (and colour code it all) helps to organise your time better for you to focus on yourself as well as your studies. If you prefer to have things written down getting a weekly spreadsheet planner would be great too!

You could keep it on your desk and write out a timetable for everything, blocking off specific times to avoid overdoing it with school work and burning out! Map out designated time for both study and free time. For example, you could spend 10.30am-12pm working through your weekend homework on a Saturday, and slot in 12pm-8pm for free time to spend how you like. 

Keep your evenings free 

The best thing to help keep your schoolwork seeping its way into your actual life is to give yourself a big chunk of time to do things that aren’t school-related.

It’s so important to step away from homework once you’ve tried your best with it and instead do things don’t involve academics. This is why we suggest keeping your evenings away from school-related stuff.

The best way to do this is when you come home from school, get the homework and study out of the way for a couple of hours, then relax. Whether this is you having a self-care evening, going to sports training, or just going up to your room and doing nothing, do something that will take your mind off school until the next morning. Rest is as important as study. 

Change out of your school uniform when you’re home

This is a simple tip but it really helps for you to have a little bit of separation between school and your home life.

If you get home, changing out of your school uniform can make a big difference because you’re physically taking yourself away from that feeling of being in school. Staying in your uniform when you’re home can really make you feel like you’re still in school while you’re studying or doing homework.

It’s a simple step but one that can make a huge difference when it comes to separating your school and home life!

Make plans with friends

There’s no better motivation to finish something than knowing you’re looking forward to something else.

Making plans for evenings after school or on weekends is the best way to make sure that all your study is out of the way before your plans. This way you can have a carefree and fun time out with friends without worrying about school.You want to have that separation so organising plans will help you not constantly focus on school and take your mind off any stress you might be feeling.  

Practice stress relief techniques to avoid getting overwhelmed 

Something that can happen really easily when it comes to stress over school is getting overwhelmed and anxious about your work and how you’re performing academically.

To help yourself avoid getting like this, a balance is needed in your life. So by following the tips above, you can hopefully find a way to lessen the anxiety you feel towards school. What can also help is to incorporate stress relief techniques into your daily life. Practising meditation is really helpful as it helps a lot with grounding yourself in times when you feel things might be too much.

Another great thing to help with being overwhelmed is journaling. Writing down everything you’re stressed about and dumping it all out on a page can be really helpful. Installing a mindful app on your phone can help too, you might need some help winding down with meditation before bed, or maybe some visual breathing techniques throughout the day if you’re feeling under pressure. 

Written by Sadhbh O’Hara