How To Take Dating From Lockdown To Real Life

You've spoken on Snapchat during lockdown, and now restrictions are easing...

So you’ve had a lockdown romance over Snapchat and Zoom, and now it’s time for all those “after lockdown” conversations to come true! Phase three has begun and with more freedom than ever it will be the time that you see who actually meant they’d like to meet up and who was just bored…

For those who have planned a post lockdown date, this is exciting! We’re here to help you smoothly transition from online dates to actual real life ones… sounds scary we know. Although a lot of relationships these days start online, texting or snapping, it wouldn’t usually go on for this long without a party or social event that you may see them at. Lockdown romances are new for everyone so there’s no clear path to follow while progressing into real life, however, we’ve some suggestions to ease the process for you both!

1. Location, location, location

So, these dates won’t be as simple as any regular date, social distancing is still very much a factor that needs to be thought of. Although it seems like a pain, both of you have different inner circles who you have been in contact with, for the safety of both your families and friends it’s best to do these dates in open places where social distancing can be followed. The park is a great location for a first post lockdown date, picnics and cute walks maybe even get an ice-cream on the way, sounds like first date goals really. The beach would also work if you’re near the coast, imagine the views! Outdoor dates for the win, just bring a rain jacket…

2. Boundaries

This might seem awkward to do, but it’s necessary. You want to be comfortable on your date so make sure you let them know if you’re feeling nervous about meeting up or being in public in general. It’s totally normal to be a little on edge with the new normal and it will take some getting used to. If you think they might try hug you and you’re feeling worried, just say it in text beforehand, they’ll understand. The truth is they are probably feeling the same and will be relieved when you address the elephant in the room. Now no-one will have to endure an unwanted hug hello, touching people is still a scary thought.

3. What you don’t know

Chances are you’ve been texting for a while now, probably nearly everyday, but think about how much you know already and what you’d like to find out. If you’re constantly talking it might be a worry that you’ll run out of things to say in person. If you’re worried about this, before the date take stock on what you already know and some things you’d like to know, do they have siblings? Favourite place they’ve travelled? Simple questions like that can lead to some interesting conversations, instead of repeating things you’ve said on Snapchat.

4. Be safe

You might feel like you know and trust this person because you’ve been talking for so long, but if you’ve never met them and didn’t know them before lockdown, make sure you’re safe if you agree to go on a date. Tell your parents or your friends where you’ll be, make it a public place meeting (park and beach during the day still work) and have someone ready to call incase things go south. Hopefully that’s not the case but being careful and aware of your surroundings is important not only when dating but in life!

5. No pressure

Speaking in person and speaking online are very different, someone might be chatty and brave online but awkward and quiet in person. This isn’t a problem, but it’s just not who you thought you’d be on a date with. So, don’t feel bad if you don’t feel the connection when you meet up, people can be very different online, if you’re not feeling it, just be honest and let them down easy. Leading someone on isn’t a vibe, and if they feel that way about you, just remember that it’s nothing to do with you! Dating is trial and error, if it doesn’t work this time at least you learnt something about yourself.

So, now that you’re all prepared, good luck on your date! We hope it goes well.

Words Jade Carpenter