How To Work Out What Your Skin Type Is, According To A Celebrity Facialist

Because it can often change, for better or for worse.


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We love skincare, from foaming cleansers to clay masks and everything in between. But one thing that can be difficult to grasp is what your skin type is. Particularly because it can change so often, and the majority of people have more than one skin type at a time. We chatted to Celebrity Facialist Michaella Bolder to see how we can determine our own skin types.

With over 10 years’ experience in the beauty industry, Michaella has gained a reputation as a truly iconic Facialist and tanning expert. She is the go-to person for many celebrities including Dame Helen Mirren, Naomie Harris, Olivia Munn, Noomie Repace, Nick Grimshaw and Frankie Bridge to name a few.

So, we caught up with Michaella to pick her brain on what seems to be the most difficult challenge when it comes to skincare, how can we actually determine what our skin type is? Luckily for us all, Michaella had all the answers! Not that we’re shocked or anything, to be fair.


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Education is key

“You really have to be truthful with yourself. It’s like trying to figure out what your main factors are. So, not what your friend’s factors are or what someone’s told you you have. But you have to educate yourself.

So first of all, I’d go through all of the skin types. So, oily/combination (breakouts), dehydration (tightness, dryness), and then sensitivity (reacting to products easily). Then go through the list, ask yourself, do I react to a lot of products and a lot of ingredients? No? Then you can take sensitivity off the list. Do I have breakouts regularly in very sporadic areas that have no pattern? Yes? Then you need to keep oily skin, possibly acneic skin on the list, and then do you have dry flaking skin? If the answer is yes, then you need to be heading into the dehydrated skin type.

So ask yourself, for example, do I have dry flaking skin? No. So then you would cross that off the list, you don’t have dry skin. Is your skin tight and taut when you put water on your face? Does it feel tight when you’ve been out for the day? If it does, then you are dehydrated. So you would put a mark there.

Start a checklist

So first of all just kind of determine all of those skin types. If you wrote them down on a piece of paper, you can go through them and tick them off. Like, yes, I have that. No, I don’t have that. Then eventually you’ll see a pattern, and be able to determine what your skin is like. Maybe you have an oily T zone and a bit sensitive around your cheeks (perhaps that could be rosacea).


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What you can do is you can determine however many skin types you are because we’re not all just one skin type one, two skin types, we could even be three skin types. And that could be a reaction or hereditary so if you have eczema and you have psoriasis and dry skin, then that will be hereditary. But you can also have a bit of an oily chin, which is hormonal breakouts, just like on the neck and the back, and again that is hormonal.

Determine your results

So I think trying to figure out which issues your skin has and how many and then you start to see your skin regime. So write it down right on the skin types down and then tick which ones you have. And then when the ticks at the end you’ll be like okay, I’m quite combination, but I’m dry, oily combo or perhaps a hydrated oily combo. Maybe you’re dry and dehydrated combo, etc.”

So, there you have it! Thanks to Michaella, it seems pretty simple. Then, once you know your skin type, you can use products that are specifically for your skin type and you’ll be well on your way to even more gorgeous skin.

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