“I was crying everyday before school” Lili Reinhart Has Opened Up About Her Mental Health Struggles

The star says that speaking to people is the key to coping

Lili Reinhard is not known for being shy when it comes to speaking out about her mental health.

Regularly taking to her social media to share her thoughts and feelings, Lili most recently took the opportunity to speak about her mental health struggles in an interview with Glamour magazine. Speaking candidly, Lili got super honest about her past struggles.

“I’ve experienced depression and anxiety. Not constantly, but I’m still experiencing it,” she said.

“I have spells of time where I feel completely unmotivated, I don’t want to do anything and I question myself.”

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Before shooting to stardom in recent years, Lili said she dealt with social anxiety, making daily tasks like going to school almost impossible.

“I was having trouble going to school every day. I was crying before school. I would fake being sick so my mum would let me stay home.”

But, the Riverdale star also went into detail about her she tries to keep her mental health struggles in check, revealing that speaking out about it is the key to keeping things in perspective.

“I find that talking about it and sharing my experience with other people, and reminding myself that I’m not alone has been incredibly therapeutic.”

She continued:

“I will take a pen to paper and write out a list of everything that I’m feeling anxious about, then when I step back and look at my list of things I’m like, ‘That’s really not that much to be worried about and there’s really no need for it to be causing you this much turmoil.’ That’s how I’ve learned to put things into perspective.”

If you are struggling with your mental health and would like someone to speak to you can call Teen Line on 1800 833 634 or The Samaritans on 01 671 0071.