“I Won’t Pretend To Be Chirpy” Lucy Fitz Shares Honest Post About Mental Health Struggles

“One thing that’s different this year? I accept every emotion."


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Mental health struggles is something that everyone experiences, just like your physical health where you might have a pain in your tummy or a headache, bad mental health moments or days can hurt too.

While everyone experiences this, some people experience it to a higher degree than others and people can suffer regardless of their circumstances when it comes to things like money, popularity or talent.

Influencer and makeup artist Lucy Fitz highlighted this in an honest Instagram post this week.

“My life can look like this.. and that,” she said sharing two photos. In one she looks happy and cheerful and in the other, she has been crying.

Lucy revealed she’s struggled with her mental health for a long time, but has found a good way to cope with her emotions.

“One thing that’s different this year? I accept every emotion, and I will let it stay until it’s passed itself. If I feel like crying, or if I’m so angry that I need to scream and roar, if I’m moody I won’t pretend to be chirpy, I let it all out right there & then in the moment, if I’m in a busy place and I feel overwhelmed I will take time out to myself, that could be a 5 minute walk or just sitting in my car alone- and I will process it, and I will literally talk to myself (sounds weird but try it) and before I know it that overwhelming feeling of ‘I’ll never be okay’ gradually turns into ‘this will pass’” she explained.

“That is the difference between processing your emotions in the present, rather than shutting them down for a later date.”

The 19-year-old encouraged others to do the same,  and to be honest with themselves when they are feeling down, regardless of where they are at the time.

“Whether you’re in work, school, with friends, at a party.. do NOT bottle them emotions for a later time, if your body and mind needs to feel something it needs to NOW, not later, work will wait,” she said.

She explained that finding something that works for her has been a huge help in recent times.

“Taking 10 minutes to process things in the present will save you a hell of a lot of time in the future. I’ve suffered with my mental health for years, and I could never understand why. Constantly asking myself ‘why me?’ But once you find a coping mechanism that works for you (it can take time) I promise you that it’ll never be as bad as it was before. No matter how bad you ever EVER feel, things always ALWAYS get better! It’s cliche but it’s true, trust me.”

If you’re feeling down or anxious it’s so important not to bottle it up, and to talk to someone who cares like a parent, guardian or teacher you trust.

You can also reach out to helplines like 50808 (a free texting support service) or Childline on 1800 66 66 66 or 50101.