If You Loved Reading Sally Rooney’s Normal People, You Need To Add These Novels To Your Bookshelf

Who knew 2020 would be the year of reading?



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Reading has been a real source of solace during this stressful and difficult time. A good book can suck you in for hours on end, transporting you to a different dimension, we love to live vicariously through the characters we connect with, and we feel a little lost when the plot eventually comes to an end.

All of us have been completely captured by Sally Rooney’s modern love story ‘Normal People‘ when we didn’t have our head in the book we were watching episode after episode of the series. The story had us gripped for multiple reasons, and now that we’ve finished the book and come to the end of the show, there’s suddenly a Connell and Marianne shaped hole in our lives.

But, the great thing about books is that there is an infinite number of them out there just waiting to be read, and luckily for us, some of them can tap into the same emotions we felt while reading Normal People.

So, for all of you who are spending your days lusting for more, here are 4 books that might just help you through those Normal People withdrawals.

A Quiet Kind Of Thunder 


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The emotional story of a girl called Steffi, who is selective mute and a boy called Rhys who is deaf. When the two are paired up in school for an assignment, they find ways to communicate with one another. Eventually, Steffi learns that she does have a voice, just not a conventional one, and she’s beginning to fall in love with the person who encourages her to use it.

Call Me By Your Name


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Call Me By Your Name follows the love story of Elio and Oliver. The two young men meet when they spend a summer abroad on the Italian Riviera and together they grow a bond that will change the course of their lives for good. We won’t give much more than that away, but if you haven’t seen the highly popular movie adaptation yet, starring Timothee Chalamet, then you’re in for a real treat.

A Totally Awkward Love Story 


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If it’s soppy, unconventional love you’re after, then it’s soppy unconventional love you’ll get. Sharing the story of Hannah, a quirky, insecure, and deep teen who meets Sam, an impulsive, sensitive, and frustrated friend. The plot follows a similar vein to Normal People, constantly making you think ‘will they? won’t they?’, but we’ll leave the ending up to you to find out.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower


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If you enjoyed the social dynamics in Normal People then The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is the book for you. It follows the story of socially awkward teen Charlie, as he meets two students who are the total opposite to him. With the help of his new friends Charlie goes on to explore things like friendship, love, music, and more.