Instagram’s New Feature Will Remind You A Lot Of Tik Tok

Would you ditch Tik Tok for this?

Like most people, you probably flick between Insta and Tik Tok throughout your day. Instagram’s got stories, so you can have a nosey at what people are up to, and the grid lets you share all your experiences in one place like a keepsake! But then Tik Tok’s got addictive, hilarious vidoes and you never really know what you’re going to get.

Soon, Instagram could have a feature just like Tik Tok’s videos. The app is testing out Instagram Reels, which is a setting that lets users make, edit and post short snappy vidoes to music. Sounds a lot like Tik Tok, right?

It seems pretty easy too, you can make one through the Instagram camera, the same way you take a picture or record a boomerang or video. One you record the video, you can edit it as you like and upload to stories.

“Instagram Stories has always been a home for expression and we believe this new format has huge potential to enable more creativity for people,” Robby Stein, the Director of Product at Instagram told Bustle.

Don’t get too excited just yet, because so far, it’s only being tested in Brazil. But like many other features, some new ones get tested in one country to see what the reaction is like, and if it’s positive, they’ll roll it out all over the world. So if it’s good, we can expect to see it here in Ireland in the near future.

Check out this video below to get a better idea of it…

Would you ditch Tik Tok for Instagram Reels? Let us know!

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