Irish Model Kate Grant Shares Her Top Tips On Confidence

"You could be a great inspiration for someone."

Irish model Kate Grant has been taking the world by storm over the last few years, working on campaigns with huge brands in Ireland and beyond.

The 23-year old modeled for Benefit, walked in London Fashion Week and even met and shared a stage with Kim Kardashian.

She was also the first model with Down’s Syndrome to be signed to an agency in Northern Ireland.

While it’s the dream job for many, most of us know it can be a difficult industry to get into.

Speaking to KISS, she offered her tips on becoming a model, even if you struggle with confidence or feel different.

“I wanted to be a model when I was a teenager and I needed to believe in myself,” she explained.


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Kate added that it took time for her to gain her confidence but it was all about self-love.

“I didn’t always feel confident when I was 16 but I worked hard to believe in myself,” she said, adding that being an inspiration to others also helped her to get to where she is.

“You could be a great inspiration for someone and use your platform to raise awareness. I think it’s so important to be a role model and an example of diversity for people with a disability or of all abilities.”

Offering her advice on those tricky teenage years, Kate added that it’s all about having fun.

“I would say just go with the flow, relax and enjoy being a teenager.”

Kate was recently awarded the title of Inspirational InstaStar at Stellar Magazine’s InstaStar Awards.

Celebrating her win she said: “This is for everyone like me with a visible or invisible disability, reach for your dreams they are possible you just got to go for it.”