Is The Winter Weather Playing Havoc With Your Skin? Here’s Our Top 5 Winter Skin Fixes

Cold weather can really play havoc with your skin, but we've got you sorted


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Cold Weather can really play havoc with your skin. But, never fear! We have got you covered! Here are our top 5 winter skin tips so you can still look cute even when it’s bloody baltic outside.

Red Nose Day

The problem: Your nose is dripping like a tap, it’s roaring red, the surrounding skin’s all cracked and sore and you’re feeling about as attractive as an egg.

The solution: First up, dab a little Sudocrem around the bottom of your nose to ease irritation and help your skin heal. Then invest in some tissues that are infused with balm so as not to aggravate your skin further. If you are suffering from a little Rudolf nose syndrome and need a quick fix, a little green concealer will help to take the redness down and then you can apply your regular foundation over it.

Dry Patch

The problem: Your skin has suddenly taken on the texture of sandpaper and has gone all dry and flaky in patches.

The Solution: Central heating is your main enemy when it comes to dry skin during winter. Rads suck all of the moisture out of the air, which causes your skin to become really dry too. So, instead of turning up the heat when you’re chilly, wear extra layers to keep you snug. Another good tip is to place a small glass of water underneath the radiator in your room to make the air more humid and less drying on your skin. Finally, consider changing to a heavier moisturiser, or apply pure Vitamin E oil underneath your regular one, and exfoliate your skin once a week to keep it soft and smooth. We recommend using The Body Shop’s Vitamin E face mist.

Acne Attack

The problem: Your back is fine during summer but once the temp drops it gets super spotty.

The solution: The are actually a lot more oil glands on your back than your face. In winter when you’re all wrapped up, and getting all sweaty underneath those layers, your pores get blocked up quickly and develop into spots. Try to wear light cotton layers during the day and if possible wear a vest top to bed so your back can breathe. You should also exfoliate with a scrub regularly to unclog pores or use a long handled back loofah to reach those tricky spots.

Grey Days

The Problem: Your complexion has gone all grey and corpse-like, so you’re spending your college fund on bronzers.

The solution: Slapping on loads of fake tan in the winter is not a good move. Why? Well, basically they work with your natural skin tone and if that happens to be bordering on blue right now then it’s quite likely you will turn orange. Your best bet is to match your foundation to your skin tone and warm up your complexion with a rise blush and a dusting of your very light bronzer across your nose, cheeks and temples.

Lip Service

The problem: Your lips are so cracked it hurts to smile and you think you can feel a nasty cold sore coming on.

The solution: First thing to do when your pout is looking poorly is to stop applying lip or gloss as many of them contain alcohol and drying talc particles in their formulas. Stick with good old-fashioned Vaseline or for an extra treat try Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. If you feel like you’re getting a cold sore (when you get that persistent tingling on your lips) apply a treatment like Zovirax, or Johnson’s Compeed Cold Sore Patches onto the offending area to keep your hands away from your mouth, as you’ll only speak the infection.