It Turns Out ’13 Reasons Why’ Star Dylan Minnette Has A New Idea For The Fifth Season

Are Netflix gonna make it happen?


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We all know that 13 Reasons Why is coming to an end (sob!), but that’s not stopping Dylan Minnette brainstorming what’s next for his character Clay, and what season five will be like.

In a recent interview with Variety, Dylan opened up about one particular situation in season four, that could have easily followed him into season five. “It’s all set in one room,” Dylan said. “Damn, actually we should have done this.”

“Clay quarantining in Evergreen County with his parents — and ghost versions of deceased characters Justin, Bryce, Montgomery and Hannah,” he revealed to Variety.


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“You don’t see Clay fully recovered,” he noted. “You see him come to terms with what he’s struggling with — being able to say it in front of an entire school at graduation and be able to own it — and have an optimistic outlook on life…but you don’t see him recover.” The idea is that Clay would continue seeing his old classmates, similarly to season four.

Dylan then also revealed that part of the reason why we saw him seeing his old classmates in season four was down to it being his idea. He explained, “I remember speaking to Brian Yorkey, the showrunner, over the course of the first few seasons, saying that I really want Clay to be in therapy in Season 4 because I want to take a deep dive into what’s actually going on in Clay’s mind.” He continued “we’ve seen him have these struggles since the beginning of the show, and I wanted to face that headfirst.”

So, could we be getting another season if the rest of the crew are going to be on board with Clay’s idea?

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