Jaclyn Hill Is Being Accused Of Copying Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty

They kind of have a point…




Jaclyn Hill has revealed her second collection with Jaclyn Cosmetics, finally. But it appears that she is under some fire, as beauty fans are pointing out serious similarities between that and another big beauty brand.

That beauty brand is none other than Ri Ri’s highly acclaimed Fenty Beauty.

The upcoming collection is called the ‘Holiday Collection’ and will hit shelves in America later this month. The packaging for the collection was unveiled on Jaclyn Cosmetics Instagram page, with her later posting a video to her Youtube channel where she shows off everything in the collection – which is a set of highlighters and matching brushes.

While the products seem quite frankly stunning, it wouldn’t be Jaclyn without a little controversy, and beauty fans have been taking to social media to point out the similarities between the new range and Rhianna’s Fenty products.


Now, we’re not saying that Jaclyn did copy Rhianna… but we have to admit, the fans have a point *eyeball emoji*.