Jade Thirwall Has Spoken Out About Little Mix’s Future

She's the first member of the band to speak out since the news that Jesy is taking a break.

Jade Thirwall is the first member of Little Mix to speak out about the possibility of the band splitting up.

The singer was speaking on a radio show when she explained what she sees happening in the near future.

“Well you know, eventually in the future we might all go off and do our own bits and bobs…” she told Ash London Live.

“But I think Little Mix will never die. We’ve always said that, like ‘no we always need Little Mix.’”

She added: “But I think it’s quite nice that everyone’s starting to do their own bits and bobs at the same time.”

So while she’s not saying there is no more Little Mix, it sure does sound like the gals are making some solo plans.

This comes a few days after it was confirmed that Jesy Nelson would be taking some time out from the band due to medical reasons.

Since then, there has been several sources claiming that the girls are planning to go their separate ways.

The Sun has reported that all four girls are planning on going solo as soon as they’re able to, including Jesy.

A source revealed: “The girls have been open and honest with each other, and with their current management team.”

“They have started discussions with some prospective managers and agents about what their solo careers might look like.”

“Some of the girls might end up taking on solo projects with their current management team too.”

Of course, many fans will be wondering about their very recent album and tour commitments, but don’t worry, as they’re set to see all of it through.

The source has assured fans that the girls won’t be going solo on a whim, and are likely to honour their future commitments into next year.

“They still have a tour scheduled to start in April next year, and even if that is delayed because of Covid, as is quite likely, they will still complete it.”

“That will happen either with or without Jesy, who is taking some time out for as long as she feels she needs or wants to.”

We’ll keep you posted on any other updates.

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