Jeffree Star Is Discontinuing Two Of His Most Popular Palettes

Were these palettes on your wishlist?

We’re less than 20 days in 2020 and it has been A Year for Jeffree Star. Cancelling his European tour with Mmmmitchel, and announcing that he has split from long term partner Nathan Schwandt, Jeffree has also just announced that he will be discontinuing two of his trademark palettes.

Sharing the news on Twitter, Jeffree said:

“Yes the rumours are true #JefreeStarCosmetics is discontinuing the Thirsty & Alien eyeshadow palettes!”

In case you were wondering, the thirsty palette features a number of both warm and neutral colours, with a canary yellow and neo-mint giving it that Jeffree trademark pop.


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While the Alien palette features a mix of mattes and metallics in a number of both neutral and statement shades – that royal purple tho’.


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However, it’s not all bad news, as Jeffree shares the reason behind discontinuing the palettes is because he wants to make room for more palettes which will be dropping throughout the year.

Fans were still understandably outraged by the news, and immediately began to hatch plans to track down the last few remaining palettes in existence. Which is an absolute challenge and a half, consider neither Beauty Bay, Morphe, Or Jeffree Star Cosmetics have a single palette in stock.

Did you manage to get your hands on either of these palettes?