Kaitlyn Dever Made A Sustainable Statement On The Oscars Red Carpet

"I'm here supporting sustainable clothing."


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If you’re a fan of ‘Booksmart’, you’re probably a big fan of Kaitlyn Dever. And if not? Well, get ready to stan because you’re gonna love her after this.

At last night’s Oscars, Kaitlyn wore a stunning ruby red Louis Vuitton dress, matching the red carpet down to a tee. But the gorgeous gown wasn’t the best part, it’s because the dress was sustainable and ethically made too.


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Talking to E!, Kaitlyn said, “This is a completely sustainable dress made by Louis Vuitton; I’m here supporting sustainable clothing. It’s really simple … it’s a matter of letting it be a part of your lifestyle, it’s just about getting used to it.”

Kaitlyn then shared with E! her tips for bringing more sustainability into our daily lives. “With fashion, I think you can maybe think a bit before you buy something brand new and I think you can support vintage … and also look into the brands you’re supporting.”

We love that sustainable fashion is making its way to the red carpet, and Kaitlyn’s stunning Louis Vuitton dress is the perfect example that it can easily be done.