Keilidh MUA Calls Out People Who Still Troll Influencers After Britney Doc

"You do realise it's the same thing right?"

Keilidh MUA is speaking out about online trolling.

In February, a documentary about the media and public scrutiny of Britney Spears aired and got people talking about how we treat celebs.

Framing Britney Spears, which Irish people could watch on NOW TV showed the negative side of fame and how we don’t always take mental health issues seriously, especially when it’s someone in the public eye.

Keilidh, who has over 3 million followers across Instagram and TikTok, pointed out the irony of people ‘feeling sorry’ for Britney when they continue to be cruel online to influencers and bloggers.

“People are silly,” she wrote on Instagram stories.

“How can you feel so sorry for Britney Spears, see all the horrible stuff the media said about her and the effect it had on her and her life… then come online and make TikToks and horrible comments about other people?”

She pointed out: “You do realise it’s the same thing right?”

The Monaghan makeup artist added that just because someone has an online profile does not give you any right to be rude or mean to them.

“These are actual people you’re talking about. “Don’t be online if you can’t take it. It comes with the job’ Ummm how about no? You’re telling people to put up with the bullies. Instead of dealing with the actual problem.. which is the fact that people can come online and say whatever they want about anyone with no consequences.”

It’s so important to be kind online. You never have any idea what is going on with someone behind the screen and one nasty comment could make someone feel incredibly low. If someone is being nasty online, it’s a reflection of them and not you. So try to be your best self online as well as IRL by being nice. Simple!


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