Kendall and Kylie Finally Revealed Their New Beauty Collab

It's a HUGE collection.



The highly-anticipated Kendall and Kylie makeup collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics is here and it’s safe to say we’re pleased.Kylie has had collabs with other members of the family in the Kyle Cosmetic range but fans were dying see her team up with Kendall.Teaming up to release a range that reflects Kylie’s high fashion sista while still staying true to herself and her brand, has proved to be seriously successful and tbh, we’re very impressed.

Featuring wearable lipsticks and liners which would be perfect for daily use, the collection also includes lip balm, pressed powder, creamy bronzer and blusher sticks and an incredible new palette featuring metallic and matte shades which reflect both of the gals perfectly.

Speaking about the new collection (which drops June 26), Kylie said she’s excited to be working with her “soulmate”, writing:

“The KENDALL X KYLIE collaboration is launching on the 26th! we have been dreaming this up for quite some time so i hope you guys love it! stay tuned on my stories today for the official reveal.”

For the shoot to reveal the collection, the girls opted for a chic and sultry look, wearing stockings, corsets and heels while striking their best model lewks.

We may need to add EVERYTHING to our basket!