KISS X Essence MUA Of The Year: Meet The Judges

Plus what they're looking for

The talent has been rolling in since we announced the beginning of our search for Ireland’s teen MUA of the year.

Teaming up with essence cosmetics, we’re on the hunt for the best young makeup talent in the country – and if the entries so far are anything to go by, we have a tough competition on our hands.

For more details on how you can enter, check out our Instagram, or click here.

But now, let’s get acquainted with our lovely judges, who with a combined public vote will be choosing the MUA of the year.

First up, is Aideen Kate Murphy, who is better known on Instagram as @Aideenkate.

A judge for the search last year, Aideen is known for her edgy-glam style. The queen of the smoky eye, she shares what she’s looking for in entries:

“I want to see someone who can truly show their creativity and also match their own style to their makeup looks, someone who isn’t afraid to create something different using makeup. Really fresh, glowy skin is something I always like to see!”

Next, is Ellie Kelly, who certainly knows a thing or two about makeup.

If it’s a spotlight eye and perfectly contoured base you’re after, Ellie’s your gal. Not boxing herself off when it comes to what she’s searching for with this year’s entries, Ellie says whatever it is you’re best at – bring it on.

“What I’m looking for this year is someone who you can instantly tell shows their passion for makeup through the looks that they create. Whether it’s with bold colour or soft glam I’m so excited to see what the contestants have to offer!”

And finally, we have a new judge for this year’s search, Instagram’s resident hottie, Charleen Murphy.

Besties with Ellie, Charleen is looking for something a little different than her BFF. The queen of trends, Charleen is taking her love for trends and translating that to makeup, hoping to find a teen MUA who isn’t afraid of some colour.

“I’m looking for someone who is able to put their own spin on the latest trends, who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and create something really eye-catching! Having a pop of colour is an added bonus.”

Head over to Instagram to enter now, and don’t forget to tag #KISSSXessenceMUAsearch22

Competition closes on Friday the 29th of April at 12pm. 

t&cs apply

Your name and age is required for your entry

Please seek parental/guardian permission if you are under 18

Parents/guardians may be contacted to confirm permission during at any stage in the competition