Kylie Jenner’s Assistant Victoria Just Quit To Become An Influencer

With all those followers, we can see why...

Kylie Jenner’s assistant has handed in her notice. Victoria Villarroel is going to give the Influencer life a go instead.

But before you worry that there’s any sort of Kylie/Jordyn style fallout, fear not, because they’re still good pals.

“Victoria wants to be an influencer in her own right and is focusing on that now,” a source told US Weekly.

“Kylie and Victoria are still friends and close. Kylie doesn’t have any bad feelings about Victoria going off to do her own thing and is supportive.” That’s what we want to see!

In fact, the two gals even hung out this week.

Victoria posted a photo of herself, her former boss and another pal Yris Palmer looking very glam in a limo.

Victoria currently has over 900k followers, so it’s understandable that she’s keen to make some cash dollars from her fire Insta.

She posts mostly bikini snaps, so you can probably expect some tan/beauty/swimsuit #spon over the coming month.

Working for Kylie is probably a lot of fun, but with a huge business, millions of followers, a reality TV show and lots more going on, Victoria was probably a very busy PA.

This way the pair can still hang out, but as friends. Cute.