Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Following Are Calling Her Latest Post ‘Disturbing’

People are asking for a trigger warning while one said: "Honestly I find this really disturbing since she’s pregnant"


Kylie Jenner loves a themed beauty collection as part of Kylie Costmetics.

We’ve had Holiday and Birthday collections, and lately we’ve seen The Grinch and Stormi themed sets.

Her latest set is probably the most ‘out-there’ yet, and fans aren’t sure what to make of it.

Kylie Cosmetics teamed up with horror flick Nightmare On Elm Street for a Halloween collection.

The products launched today, and for the promo, Kylie has been donning all sorts of spooky costumes.


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And while many fans loved the looks, the latest post freaked people out.

The reality star can be seen covered in blood, with a pool of blood around her.


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The promo post not only freaked people out because of the sheer amount of blood, but also because Kylie is currently pregnant with her second child.

Though the pics were clearly taken before Kylie was expecting, or at least before she was showing, some fans felt it was in bad taste.

“This needs a warning ⚠️” one Instagram user wrote.

“Low key disturbing…” another said.

Others echoed these feelings writing: “Honestly I find this really disturbing since she’s pregnant”, “This is in such poor taste. Ugh” and “This is kind disturbing especially since you’re pregnant. But that’s just my opinion😕 doesn’t matter.”

“no hate, even if its for brands please put a trigger warning next time <3” another added.

Kylie has not yet repsonded to the comments.