Let Us Tell You About Starface, The Skincare Brand Changing The Way We View Acne

It’s about time

If you’ve ever had acne, you’ll know that dealing with it is an extremely straining time. It’s straining not only on your patience – applying creams, washing your face, searching for new remedies to try, it’s also straining on your mental health too. 

As it stands, the way we see spots and skin imperfections are generally negative. We’re conditioned into thinking that those stubborn little marks are something we need to get rid of and/or hide and soon as they pop up, but one brand changing the way we think is Starface. 

The refreshing new skincare brand has become a cult favourite in the US (Think Mario Badescu or Glossier), and are being praised around the world for the pro-active way they view spots and acne treatment. 

Creating a range of the sweetest pimple patches, the brand’s acne treatment is so cute in fact that people are now wearing them out and about – as fashion! You love to see it. 


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To get a little technical, these tiny hydro-stars are actually hydrocolloid pimple-patches. They work by absorbing fluid while simultaneously protecting the area from bacteria entering. 

Once applied you can leave the patches on for as long as you feel necessary, while they work their magic you can go to sleep – take selfies, whatever you want!


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Speaking about the innovative idea, the brand’s founder Julie Schott said: 

“The idea was always to make decorative patches,”

“They’re designed so there’s a treatment on one side [which contains  hydrocolloid] and self expression on the other.”

The brand began in the US last summer, and has since become available to the UK market in recent times, so it’s only a matter of time before the patches will be available in Ireland also.