Let’s Take A Deep Dive Into Maude Apatow and Sydney Sweeney’s Friendship

Sydney and Maude 4eva!


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Sure there are plenty of iconic celebrity friendships out there, but it’s hard to think of a more adorable pair than Maude Apatow and Sydney Sweeney.

From their sweet tributes to each, and adorable bts photos from set, well it’s all just pretty iconic!

Sure, their Euphoria character’s Cassie and Lexi don’t always get along that well, but IRL they’re besties.

So where exactly did this friendship begin?


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It’s hard to believe they haven’t known each other a life-time, considering how close they are, but Maude and Sydney only met while filming the first season of Euphoria.

And from the very start, they clicked.

With Maude telling People magazine: “I remember meeting Sydney, and we were like eating lunch in a church, and we met that one day.

“And you asked to sit with me, and I was like ‘She’s so nice’”.

With Sydney adding: “I was all alone it was so scary. That was intense she looked like the sweetest one to go up to. I’m like, “I hope she didn’t say no like you can’t sit here sorry.'” But obviously Maude said yes and the rest is history.


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In the same interview, Sydney said Maude was, “the sister I always wished I had.”

While Maude gushed Sydney was, “the most on top of it, hardworking, incredible person to work with.”

But it doesn’t seem that them working together always goes well. While filming the dramatic fight scene at the end of season two, Maude and Sydney confessed they couldn’t stop laughing at each other.

But what do they do when hanging out with each other?


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Well Sydney and Maude have some wild adventures.

They have the best craic working together, one time evening leaving set to go to a nearby shopping centre and hope on the kids rides. In fairness they were just after filming flashback scenes to their childhoods sooo…

But when not working, they’re still having lots of fun, grabbing food together.

So what’s their cutest story?


Sure all of their busy adventures are fun, but their cutest moment has to the season two Euphoria premiere.

Premieres are full of glitz and glamour, and always followed by amazing afterparties.

But Maude and Sydney decided to take a break after the event, and simply ate some burgers and chips in a car park together…while dolled up in their premiere dresses.

Honestly, they really prove you don’t need a massive party to have fun, just your bestie (and maybe some food).

But how close are they really?


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So obviously the girls are close, but just how strong is their friendship? Well, we’re talking joint-Halloween costumes level of friendship.

The gals never fail to disappoint, teaming up for some truly darling disguises.

So far they’ve recreated Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield iconic photo from Beverly Hills Romanoff’s restaurant, and the twins from the Shinning.