Let’s Take A Deep Dive Into Olivia Rodrigo And Iris Apatow’s Friendship

We don't like to throw this around lightly but, *friendship goals*

Is there anything more wholesome than two gal pals being each other’s ride or dies? There are plenty of celebrity friendship circles and duos out there which we love – Harry and Lizzo, Charli and Avani, but our favourite of all time has to be Olivia Rodrigo and Iris Apatow.

The two are literal bestie goals, rarely seen without the other, constantly one another’s biggest supporter and always down to have some fun together. We’re taking a deep dive into what it is that makes their friendship so special, and how you can try recreate it with your bestie yourself.

How did they meet?

Olivia and Iris have been friends long before Olivia’s global fame, which took off in 2021. It’s unclear how exactly the pair began to get close, but it’s likely that they ran in the same circles for some time. Iris is a child actor, while Olivia began acting around 2015, meaning their paths would cross quite often.

Olivia openly says that Iris is her best friend, which we can only imagine Iris was very happy to hear, considering Olivia has a big circle of friends around her.

What do they do when they hang out?

Olivia recently shared that she and Iris have a very sweet tradition of watching the same TV show together, which is honestly too relatable. In an interview on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’, Olivia said that she and Iris will watch old episodes of ‘Sex and the City‘ together whenever they get the chance to.

Later, in another interview with Vice Olivia also went on to say that their friendship is pretty similar to two main characters in the original series, “I think (Iris and I) are Carrie and Samantha from ‘Sex and the City.’ We are dramatic, fiercely loyal, and we both love going to brunch.”

Sex and the City aside, Iris and Olivia also love another, more current show, Euphoria, and they’ve even attended some watch parties for the new series together.

What’s their cutest story? 

We’re sure that these two have tonnes of hilarious stories that we’ll likely never know anything about, but our favourite one that we do know about has to be Olivia’s graduation story.

Olivia Rodrigo Shares Cap and Gown Photos from High School Graduation |  PEOPLE.com

In an interview with GQ Olivia explained that she didn’t have the full conventional high school experience, as she was homeschooled for a lot of it. So, this meant that when it came to her graduation… well, she didn’t really have one. However, not long beforehand, Iris made her graduation, so being the best friend that she is, she gave her cap and gown to Olivia so she could have her grad moment. “I was homeschooled, and we don’t have a graduation, so I just stole hers (cap and gown) and took a picture in it,” Olivia explained.

How close are they really?

If you’re looking for an insight on how close they actually are, just one scroll through their Instagram accounts will tell you. Not too long along, Olivia and Iris actually got matching tattoos to solidify their friendship.

Along with Charli D’Amelio and Avani Gregg, Olivia and Iris got little hearts tattooed on their fingers, which means when they make a pinky promise their matching tatts will be touching – how sweet! Although, we might skip on getting matching tattoos with our besties for now.