Letter To My 16-Year-Old Self: Emily Rochford

"I know you don’t like yourself much during these years but I want you to TRY to love yourself."


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Each week, we chat to some of our favourite well-known people about what they’d say to their teenage-self. They reveal what their teens were like and the advice they’d give for the future.

This week, we’re chatting to Emily Rochford. She is a makeup artist and influencer and the inspiration behind boyfriend Cian Twomey’s gas videos!

She talks about struggling in school, self love and falling in love!

“Dear 16-year-old Emily.

It’s almost 9 years since you were 16. (Let that sink in) Do you feel old now? Good I’m glad.

At 16 you were lost, but very hopeful for the future. It’s ok that you didn’t like school too much. It’s also ok you’re not the best academic in class. You tried your very best all the time and that was all that mattered. School really feels like it’s forever but I can assure you it ends pretty quickly and before you know it you’re walking out those doors with your LC in your hands and moving onto college.

The best part of being a teen of course is finding Justin Bieber. YES Bieber fever is alive & kicking. Your room is covered in posters from magazines & you go to every single concert you can attend. Music is your escapism and you don’t know it yet!

You’re going to go through a lot of changes in the next few years . First of all, I know you don’t like yourself much during these years but I want you to TRY to love yourself. No, I don’t mean take a million selfies and do your make up in your room! I mean take a deep look at yourself and love every inch of your body. Remember that you are beautiful no matter what size you are. It’s okay that you’re not like the girls in the magazines. These girls in the magazines barely look like that either (photoshop is the devil and you’re too young to know that or know what it even is) You know that belly of yours?? The stomach rolls and stretch marks that you try hide?! That is normal and they make you, YOU.


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When you grow up, it’s not gonna be what you expected at all. You finally find your Prince Charming who loves you for you! His name is Cian and he is everything and more. Oh and you also just get up and leave your hometown of Waterford without giving it a second thought, to be with Cian! You get your dream job as a make up artist when you move to Cork! Fast forward a couple of years with your boyfriend, he started making Facebook videos (about you!) and they go viral! Your boyfriend ends up doing Facebook videos as his full time job! (Yes Facebook as a job!) it sounds crazy but it’s true! You are classed as an ‘Influencer’ because you have followers online while sharing your passions for make up/fashion. You even get to leave your make up job to fulfill doing online content.

Things haven’t changed much other than moving away and having your own home. Oh, and you got two dogs who are your babies until you are ready to have a real baby one day!

My biggest piece of advice to my 16 year old self would be: always remember you can’t have sunshine without a little rain. Hard times will pass and things will get better. You got this, even if you don’t think you do!

Love, Emily xx”

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