Letter To My 16-Year-Old Self: Soulé

"That singing career you’ve always wanted? You’ll get it"

Each week, we chat to some of our favourite well-known people about what they’d say to their teenage-self. They get open and honest about what their teens were like and share the advice they’d give for the future.

This week we’re chatting to R&B, soul and pop singer Soulé. Her hits include Trouble Maker and What Do You Know. Soulé recently collaborated with a whole host of Irish women to create a cover of The Cranberries’ ‘Dreams’. The collective, called Irish Women In Harmony aimed to raise vital funds for Safe Ireland.  In her letter, she talks about achieving her dreams. 

“Dear Soulé

In just a few years you’re going to be a successful singer-songwriter!

As a teen you were shy. The best part about your teen years was being stress-free, but the hardest part about being a teen was having a curfew! School for you was fun. When you grow up it will all be about making sure you’re happy and have peace of mind.


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What has changed is that you are a lot more confident and can manage your shyness better, but what hasn’t changed is your height!

My biggest piece of advice to my teen self would be this:  Don’t worry or stress about the future. You will achieve all of your dreams and be successful. That singing career you’ve always wanted? You’ll get it. Believe in yourself more. You got this!”

Dreams is currently breaking records as the first-ever female number 1 in the official homegrown chart. It’s also No.2 in the Irish airplay chart and no.1 in the breaking tunes chart. You can download it here.


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