Lewis Capaldi Finally Reveals Who ‘Someone You Loved’ Is About

And nope, it's not Love Island's Paige.


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Remember when Love Island first started (what seems like months ago) and she dropped the bomb that Lewis Capaldi is hr ex boyfriend? Then, she went on to say that she heard Someone You Loved was written about her? Yep, well, no. That’s just not the case, because Lewis Capaldi has finally revealed who this stunning song is actually about.

“The song isn’t about a lady, who I was in a romantic relationship with,” Lewis explained in an interview with Aussie music channel VMusic. “It’s about my grandmother who is dead. F***! She died a few years ago, your classic death, you know what I mean? Not coming back.”

He also said that the hit song almost didn’t make the cut on his debut album. “I was writing for the album and I thought the album was finished. I had this little thing in my head, ‘you could try and do one more, you could do one more’. I did try and do one more for like, three months, and nothing was coming,” he said.

“One day I sat at my piano after the death and I sat down and started messing round. That’s why the the piano part is so simple because I can’t play anything else. I got the melodies down for it, and then I couldn’t think of any lyrics.”

He then continued, “So I was like, ‘oh well, I’ll just wait for the second album’ and I’d just put it on the second album. Thank f*** I never did that, because my career would have been an absolute f***ing tailspin. I would have flopped hard.”

Well, it kind of makes us love him even more that the song was all about his granny. Too cute.