Lewis Capaldi Has Finally Opened Up About Ex GF Paige Being In The Love Island Villa

The moment we've all been waiting for.

Since we heard the news that Paige Turley was entering the Love Island villa, all we really wanted was to hear what Lewis Capaldi had to say. Why? Because he is Paige’s ex-girlfriend, and, well he’s easily one of the funniest people that ever graced our Instagram home page. So, we wanted to know. Well, the time has finally come! Lewis chatted to a New Zealand chat show, The Edge, all about Paige being one of the first Islanders of 2020.

“I’ve known her for years. 18 when we first met, 19 when we started going out, 20 when we finished going out,” he said. “It was a very amicable breakup.” We saw in Paige’s VT that she had no plans to keep the fact that Lewis is her ex-boyfriend to herself, well, how could you really?


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Lewis went on to say that he hadn’t a clue that Paige would be appearing on the show, “she never told me she was going on it. That would have been a nice heads up. But fair play and good luck to her.”

When asked if he’ll be tuning in to this season of Love Island, Lewis was nothing short of his usual enthusiastic self, “I’ll be f**king watching it – like go on Paige, come on. When she’s on a date with a boy I’ll be like come on kiss him. I hope she wins.”


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It was only in last night’s show that Paige let the other Islanders in on who her ex-boyfriend is, during the ‘Spill The Tea’ challenge. And well, it’s safe to say that the tea was definitely spilled.