Little Mix Open Up About Why It’s Important For The Band To Remain Equal

They explained why they've never had a lead singer in the band.

Often, when it comes to girl or boy bands, there is usually a lead singer, or sometimes even two. It’s well known that dividing a band in this way can lead to tension and cause rows within a group. This is why Little Mix have revealed they never went down this route when they started out, and have always kept everything equal.

Speaking about this in a new interview with The Sun, Jade shared that; “We have always had the same vision, we always wanted to be equal. Nobody wanted to outshine someone else.”

At times they revealed that this was difficult as industry bosses often wanted them to choose a lead singer. Thankfully, they resisted, and perhaps this is why they have had so many years of success; “The moment that happens in a group dynamic, the cracks start to show, like someone has a bit more of an ego.”

“We have always been determined to remain equal people on our team, whoever else has suggested otherwise.”


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Despite the fact that Jesy Nelson left the band in late 2020, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Perrie have shared that they don’t plan on changing the group dynamic in any way and will continue to keep things equal.

“We have said no, we know it works better, it is healthier for us doing it that way. And it has got us where we are now.”

“We have the same ambition and the same agenda and are there for each other without trying to outdo each other.”