Love Island’s Demi Jones Shares ‘Amazing News’ After Cancer Diagnosis

She also shared how she first digests the news with her family and friends before sharing with her followers.

Love Island’s Demi Jones received a cancer diagnosis recently, and she’s been keeping her followers updated along the way. Earlier this month, Demi had to undergo surgery this week to have her thyroid removed. Now, she’s shared some ‘amazing’ news with her followers.

Taking to her Instagram Story to update everyone with the great news, Demi shared: “I had some amazing news yesterday.

“I am trying to do this thing with anything cancer-related, I am trying to go through it, digest it and understand with me and my friends and family first and then come on social media and discuss my journey.


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“So yesterday I went to have my stitches out, but again the scar is looking amazing. My results came back from the other side of my thyroid and it wasn’t cancer on the other side.”

She continued, “So we have got the tumour removed, there is no cancer on this side, so that’s looking really, really optimistic.

“I still have to have my iodine treatment in about a month’s time and have further consultations to see where we are going to go from here but it’s looking positive.”

Demi previously opened up about how she almost missed her cancer diagnosis. She told The Sun that initially she’d be told by docs that the lump was harmless.

Demi explained that she pushed for further tests and found out that it was in fact thyroid cancer.

She said: “If I’d listened to the doctors then I might be sitting here now not knowing I had cancer inside me.”

It’s great to hear that she’s gotten such good news!

Love Island’s Demi Jones Shares Update Amid Health Concerns
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