Madison Beer Shows Off Her ‘Insecurities’ After Fans’ Comments

"No one looks like their Instagram profile all the time..."

Madison Beer has opened up about how dangerous comparison can be.

The singer and TikTok star posted a selfie this week and thousands of fans rushed to the comments to point out how beautiful she looks.

According to Mads, some of the comments saw fans comparing themselves to her and wishing they looked like her.

In a response to these comments, Madison took to Instagram stories to highlight how social media is not real life and we shouldn’t feel bad about ourselves while scrolling.

“I have the culture we’ve created that makes girls think they have to compare themselves to one another… that someone else’s beauty takes away from your own,” she wrote.

“I promise you 99% of my time is spent at home in sweats, no makeup, looking nothing like my recent images. I wish this was common sense.

“No one looks like their Instagram profile all the time, no one lives the life they portray online. Everyone’s trying to put their best foot forward. Everyone’s trying to impress each other.”

She added: “I cover up my insecurities to protect myself from the damage it would cause to see other people pointing them out…”

Madison went on to say that life is about more than just the way we look and we should embrace all types of beautiful, as well as focusing on more than just our appearance.

She then went on to show off two things she’s struggling with, her skin and her mental health.

In the first pic, she shared a photo of her skin four years ago writing: “here was my skin 4 years ago!!! Did I ever post this? Most definitely not.”

She then shared a snap of her seemingly enjoying her night out on New Year’s Eve 2020.

Her next photo showed how she was really feeling writing: “Here’s how my night actually went.”

We totally get where Madison is coming from here, you never really know what someone truly looks like or feels like just from their Instagram accounts. Especially when they’re super famous.

It’s important not to compare yourself to anyone online because it’s pretty likely that it’s not the truest version of them. Being inspired by other accounts/people is totally fine, as long as it’s not making you feel bad!


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