Manny MUA’s Latest Collab Is With President Joe Biden

Yes really!

Manny MUA has done collabs with all sorts of celebs and beauty experts over the years, so his latest guest is someone we’d never expect.

The makeup artist and YouTuber teamed up with President Joe Biden! Yes really!

However, the pair joined forces to talk, not about makeup, but vaccinations.

In his latest YouTube video Manny sits down with President Biden and Dr Fauci, the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases over Zoom.

In the video’s introduction Manny expresses his excitement to sit down with the President and Dr Fauci. But he also reassures his fans that this is not a video to persuade but to inform them about the vaccination.

“This is not like ‘You have to get the vaccine.’ This is not that kind of video. I’m just going to be asking the President some questions about the Covid vaccine.”


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In this unlikely collab, President Biden and Dr Fauci assure viewers that the Covid vaccine is both safe and efficient. The pair also want to encourage young people to get vaccinated in order to protect the wider community.


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Dr Fauci explains to Manny’s viewers that, “there’s a responsibility that you have of not being part of spreading the infection throughout the community, so you almost want to take a societal responsibility protecting children also protects society.”

President Biden also shuts down rumours of implementing vaccine passports to travel or go to concerts in the US.

“These rumours of vaccine passports, I think it just plays the paranoia particularly in young people.”

And of course Manny being the makeup obsessed guru we love, couldn’t let the President get away without asking him a beauty related question.

Manny asks the President what skincare product he would bring with him to a dessert island.

“Well I happen to be Irish so I think my wife before I headed out would tell me to bring some sunscreen,”

We think this is the perfect answer and of course the President gets extra points for mentioning he’s Irish!

By Lauren Allen