Massive BTS Fan? Then You’re Gonna Love These K-Pop Groups Too

Your playlists won't know what hit 'em.


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BTS is known worldwide for their talented members and creative music videos. Since they first began, BTS have ventured outside of South Korea and have made it big! But have you heard of these other amazing and talented K-pop groups? Why not check out some new tunes and some new faces? Here are five other K-pop groups you will like if you’re a fan of BTS.  


Got7 are a popular K-pop group which debuted in 2014 and are present to this day. As their name suggests there are 7 gorgeous guys in this group, each as talented as the other. Their songs are not only catchy but will get you hooked! If you want a bit of a taster before you get into this group by not check out their song ‘Hard Carry’, the choreography and vocals will make you fall in love.


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Ikon is another group with 7 members who have been active since 2015. This group is better known in Asian countries and tour regularly. The guys are young but very talented and have an impressive resume. The members are international and very sweet, not to mention talented! If you would like to hear one of their songs, why not start with ‘Dumb&Dumber’ the guys are all very talented dancers and the beat drops and music video will have your heads and hearts spinning!  


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Another group that was formed in 2015 was Seventeen with its 13 members who would snatch your hearts up with one smile. This group isn’t as popular as the others mentioned but that does not mean they are not as good! Seventeen usually have more upbeat and happy songs and choreography with very minimal focus on sex appeal. If you would like to check them out listen to their song ‘Very Nice’ and enjoy the sweetness!  


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Monsta X 

If our previously mentioned group was a soft boy aesthetic type, these guys are the opposite! These are bad boys with cute faces and breathtaking performances. The group debuted in 2015 and had made waves with their unique music and lyrics. Their music videos are often dark and seductive. The group formally had 6 members with 1 member having to leave the group due to a controversy. If you want to check the group out why not start with their song ‘Trespass’ and be prepared to sink into their performance! 


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Block B 

Block B is an amazing boy group with 7 members which debuted in 2011 and have been blessing people with awesome music videos and shocking vocals ever since. The group rocks a mafia bad boy vibe and we’re loving it! Their music is a bit aggressive but it’s very easy to fall in love with them. Although they show us this bad boy persona through their music, in reality, these are just 7 fun-loving guys who want to make their fans happy! If you want a taste of what they’re like check out ‘Zero For Conduct’ and prepare to have your heart eaten.


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Happy stalking! 

Words by Anastasiya Sytnyk