Meet The 10 Biggest TikTok Stars

Everything that you need to know about the biggest TikTok accounts rn


Everyone’s favourite social media platform has created quite the number of stars – and we’re here to give you all the details about the biggest ones!

10. @jannat_zubair29


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Full Name: Jannat Zubair Rahmani
Number of Followers: 27.8 million
Date of Birth: 29th of August 2001
Star Sign: Virgo
Occupation: Actress
Net Worth: Estimated $1million

Jannat’s fame extended out from her home in India and reached a worldwide audience through her TikTok platform, with fans crazy about her amazing style and makeup videos.

9. @gilmhercroes


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Full Name: Gilmher Croes
Number of Followers: 27.8 million
Date of Birth: 7th of July 1993
Star Sign: Cancer
Occupation: Actor
Net Worth: Estimated $1-5 million

The Aruban star began his career as a model and eventually progressed on to acting. Best known for his funny lip-synching videos, he is now one of the most popular social media stars in Aruba, and one of the most followed accounts on TikTok.


8. @BrentRivera


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Full Name: Brent Austin Rivera
Number of Followers: 29.4 million
Date of Birth: 9th of January 1998
Star Sign: Capricorn
Occupation: Youtuber, Actor & CEO of talent and content company AMP Studios
Net Worth:  est. $6.5 million

From his beginnings on Vine to his popular Youtube channel with over 13 million subscribers, becoming a TikTok star was the obvious next move. He now even has his own show, Dream Vacations streaming on Youtube!

7. @JustMaiko


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Full Name: Michael Le
Number of Followers: 30.3 million
Date of Birth: 19th of March 2000
Star Sign: Pisces
Occupation: Choreographer
Net Worth: 1-5 million USD

This TikToker is famed for his crazy good dance skills and his super cute family which often feature in his videos as well as his all-star bestie James Charles. His adorable little brother Jonathan now even has his own page, @itsjonathanle, and is well on the way to securing his own spot in the top 10 TikTokers!

6. @SpencerX


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Full Name: Spencer Polanco Knight
Number of Followers: 35.7 million
Date of Birth: 20th of April 1992
Star Sign: Taurus
Video Genre: Music

Spencer is most known for his beatboxing videos on Youtube, and now for creating original sounds and comedic sketches on TikTok. His Youtube channel alone is worth over 1.1 million dollars!

5. @TikTok

Followers: 43.3 million

While it’s quite obvious that the official TikTok account would have a lot of followers (seeing as it’s the first account to be suggested when you make an account), the funniest thing is that it is only halfway down the list of the top 10 accounts!
These next 4 are so famous that they have even passed off the app – we love it!

4. @lorengray


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Full Name: Loren Gray Beech
Number of Followers: 44.8 million
Date of Birth: 19th of April 2002
Star Sign: Aries
Occupation: Singer
Net Worth: est. $5.1 million

Starting her account in 2015, the American singer has been rocketing her way to fame from her TikTok platform. She signed her first record deal with Virgin Records in March 2018 – when she was just 15 years old!


3. @zachking


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Full Name: Zachary Michael King
Number of Followers: 45.2 million
Date of Birth: 4th of February 1990
Star Sign: Aquarius
Video Genre: Magic/Illusion
Net Worth: est. $2.5 million

Zach is another Vine star that took the transition to and then TikTok in his stride, being a sensation on all platforms. His feed has changed a little now from magic and illusion to his cute videos in his amazing home with his cute family. But we can still count on those videos that never fail to make us say “HOW did he do that?!”


2. @addisonre


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Full Name: Addison Rae Easterling
Number of Followers: 47.4 million
Date of Birth: 6th of October 2000
Star Sign: Libra
Occupation: Social Media Personality/Dancer
Net Worth: est. $2million

Addison Rae is having a serious moment. Her account began with dancing videos with her Mom Sheri which lead to becoming a member of the Hype House – but she has most definitely made a space for herself in the social media platform!


1. @charlidamelio


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Full Name: Charli D’Amelio
Number of Followers: 65.6 million
Date of Birth: 1st of May 2004
Star Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Social Media Personality/Dancer

It wasn’t a major surprise that Charli became so popular on TikTok due to the large following that she already had from her successful Youtube channel, and she secured the top spot in the most popular account in March 2020.
Charli and her sister Dixie left the Hype House in May.


Words by: Kaia Purcell