Meet The Cast Of The Summer I Turned Pretty

Guess who went to the same school as Timothée Chalamet! Oh and did you recognise anyone from The Vampire Diaries?


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The Summer I Turned Pretty has finally landed on our screens and even though it’s only been two days since it premiered, we’re already OBSESSED. Nearly as obsessed as we were with the books back in the day (which if you haven’t read, they’re a 10/10).

But the show is also perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

With a heavenly soundtrack, stunning setting, and to die-for costuming, it had everything we really wanted from the adaption. But what’s really impressed us, is the cast.

They definitely have some new fans, but like we said it’s only been two days, so you’re forgiven for not knowing everything about them just yet.

However, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to introduce the stars and give you all the details.

Lola Tung


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Lola Tung is the perfect Belly, that we know. But what don’t we know about her?

Well, Lola’s 19, and when she’s not filming a hit TV series, she’s actually a busy college student. She just finished her first year at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Although she’s studying in Pittsburg, she’s actually from New York and went to the same school as Timothée Chalamet! They must only except the most talented actors.

Gavin Casalegno


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We love Gavin Casalegno as Jeremiah…in fact we might just love Gavin full stop.

He is 22-years-old, and originally from Dallas, Texas. You might think this is your first time seeing him on screen, but you’ve probably seen him before. As he actually played a young Damon in The Vampire Diaries!

Christopher Briney


With his dark brown hair, and smirky smile Christopher Briney was the obvious choice to play Conrad.

Born in Connecticut, he is around 22-years-old, and graduated from Pace University in New York. Oh, and he isn’t just an actor, Chris is also a writer and wrote a short film called Paix in 2019.

  Sean Kaufman


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Sean Kaufman plays Belly’s big brother Steven and did so perfectly.

He is 21-years-old (although he’ll be turning 22 on the 22nd of June), and graduated from SUNY’s Purchase Acting Conservatory in 2022. No wonder his performance was so amazing.