Meet This Season’s Hottest Fashion Accessory – The Curtain Bangs

Here's everything you need to know

It’s the age-old tale – you get tired of your hair, you want to do something new and fun with it. Dyeing it is too extreme, and cutting it short could lead to regret, so what’s the happy medium? A fringe!

But, when we say fringe, we’re not referring to the slightly wonky one your mam gave you when you were 4, no. We’re talking about the sophisticated kind, the kind of fringe or ‘bangs’ that work as an accessory to your look.

What are curtain bangs?


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You’ve probably seen them all over your Instagram and TikTok account by now, but a curtain bang or fringe are best described as a fringe that frames your face – y’know, like curtains! Curtain bangs were super popular in the 60s and 70s, hence why they bring such a retro feel to any look. They generally start shorter on the inside and grow longer as they fan out, giving off a layered effect.

I’m almost convinced, where can I find inspo? 


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Social media is a sea of curtain bangs inspiration at the minute, so it’s not too difficult to find inspiration when you need it. From Sophie Murray to Daisy-Edgar Jones, plenty of people are serving up the curtain bangs inspo atm. Alternatively search the hashtag #curainbangs on Instrgram or simply ‘Curtain Bangs’ on Pinterest and up will pop inspo galore!

What do I ask my hairdresser for?

By now, most if not all hairdressers will be familiar with the term ‘curtain bangs’, it’s like a ‘bob, or a ‘pixie’ they’re pretty synonymous by now. If you’re new to the fringe world and want it to look a certain way, it’s always a good idea to bring a picture for reference.

Be realistic with your images, for example if you have short dark hair bring a picture of someone with similar hair to you and if you have longer locks do the same, this will give your hairdresser the best information to work with so they can give you the curtain bangs of your dreams.

I have them, now how do I style them?


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As is the case with many hair styles, a little bit of effort goes a long way. For days when you’re chilling at home or heading to school, simply blowdrying and lightly styling them in place with some hair product is perfect, but on the days when you want to make an impression we recommend doing the following:

  • Wash your hair as normal. Once washed part your hair down the middle and blow-dry as normal, sectioning your fringe seperately.
  • Then, taking a round brush grab your fringe which has been sectioned off and place it onto the brush facing upward. Take your hairdryer and run the brush slightly up and down until it’s dry.
  • Style in place.

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