Melanie Murphy Opens Up About Being A Newlywed In Lockdown

"It’s all so much bigger than lost weddings, lost money."

Melanie Murphy has revealed how she’s finding life in lockdown since her wedding two months ago. Like many brides, Melanie and her partner were forced to cancel their wedding due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Instead the pair wed in a simple registry office with two family members on what would have been their special day.

Sharing yesterday on social media that they were now already married two months she said;
“I thought we were just unlucky, y’know, having to cancel our planned wedding a week or so before Ireland went into full lockdown…but actually, turns out we were the lucky ones, because we were still able to go ahead with the registry office bit. SO lucky!”


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The YouTube also shared how much she is enjoying the time at home with her husband; “And to have had two full months together at home ~ never in a million years did either of us anticipate this! We’re really counting our blessings.”

The author also revealed that she has had many brides get in touch with her who are ” feeling absolutely devastated,” some of which have cancelled their weddings, or are having to make the decision to postpone.

She wisely shared that although she knows how upsetting it is that; “It’s all so much bigger than lost weddings, lost money etc. I’ve had relatives unable to attend funerals of parents, friends who’ve lost jobs who are already in debt, followers with vital operations postponed. Thinking about all that stuff…THAT’S what got me through.”


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On a positive note she said that it’s all about mindset and that “Every single one of us has something to be very thankful for right now and fuck, I even put out gratitude for my breakfast every morning…you have to focus on what you have rather than on what you don’t have, what you’re losing out on, if only to get to the end of the day without having a total breakdown.”

“I say thank you thank you thank you for my health, family, the roof over my head, the food in my belly, the memories I’ve yet to make and all of the beautiful ones I have, the books and information I can access online, friends, the fresh air outside, my bed, and my hardships for showing me what I can get through.”