Micro Habits You Can Add To Your Routine To Make A Huge Difference

Set yourself on the right track to living your best life

Have you heard of the term ‘micro-habits’ before? Allow us to introduce you.

We can all agree that polishing up your routine can be a bit of a trudge, even if it benefits us in the long run. Choosing to overhaul your whole life overnight may be doable on day 1, but by day 3 you’ll likely be burnt out and right back where you started.

Instead of pushing yourself to live your best life in one go, why not take tiny steps towards your goal instead?

This is where micro-habits come in. Want to delete all of your social media? Begin by setting yourself a goal of scrolling less, then spend a weekend social-media free, then delete your least used app each week building it up to your most used.

Achieving your long-term goals and becoming a better version of yourself are completely achievable when you start off slowly. With that in mind, we’re sharing 20 micro-habits you can incorporate into your routine now, to make a big difference in time to come.

Spend 10 minutes less time scrolling on your phone 

Drink 1 more glass of water 

Read 1 chapter of a book you love 

Spend 5 minutes outside 

Make a to-do list each night for the next day

Listen to 1 podcast on something you want to learn more about each week 

Wake up 20 minutes earlier on the weekend 

Have 5 minutes of quiet time each day 

Practise saying ‘no’

Take a 10-minute walk every couple of days 

Go to bed 15 minutes earlier 

Switch your wifi off at night 

Make your bed when you wake up

Lay your clothes out the night before 

Donate 1 bag of items to a charity shop 

Eat 1 more piece of fruit or veg 

Spend 2 minutes stretching your neck and back 

Do one thing you’ve been putting off each week

Take a 2 minutes break from studying or doing homework 

Tell 1 person you appreciate them