Miley Cyrus’ New Online Show Is Exactly What We Need In Isolation

Miley, Demi and Emily Osment? What could be better?

We were waiting for Disney + to come out to have Miley Cyrus back on our screens again, but turns out isolation has brought us some Miley content on the regular sooner than we thought.

Since self isolation can be quite an odd time, Miley’s show Bright Minded brings us content on how to stay positive even in the toughest of situations. Based on Instagram the full 50/60 minute episodes can be found on her IGTV and it is just the Miley-Ray of sunshine we need. We can’t help but get Hannah Montana vibes as she talks to the camera with her blonde hair and fringe!


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Miley brings on different guests each episode, via video call and so far we’ve seen stars such as Demi Lovato, Emily Osment (we couldn’t handle the Disney Channel reunions ) and Ellen DeGeneres all come on and share their thoughts and experiences of things that make them happy and what they do in times of trouble to brighten their mind and just give us some positive content to escape from the negativity that seems to surround our newsfeeds at the moment.


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Watching Miley and Lily (Err, Emily*) reminisce about their Hannah Montana days and prove they are still real life BFF’s was the perfect thing to get us hyped for the launch of Disney Plus and now we are watching Hannah Montana on repeat of course.

On top of all this golden content, as if it couldn’t get any better, Miley also wrote and sings her own theme tune for the show. Bright Minded airs Monday to Friday on Miley’s Instagram and can be re-watched on her IGTV.

When you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the intense content everywhere online we recommend tuning in for some happy, bright and Han-tastic (so sorry we had to) viewing!

Words: Jade Carpenter