Mollerina Opens Up About Effects Of Mental Health In Her Daily Routine

"And you're still stuck physically and mentally in the same dark spot"


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You may have heard the TikTok voice-over that reads: “It’s still raining, why is it still raining? I did what I was supposed to, that’s not fair”, it’s one of the trends that pops up on our FYP over and over.

Well Irish influencer Molly Roberts, or @mollerina, has used this TikTok trend to show how changing your daily routine for the better may not always help your mental health straight away.

In a recent TikTok, Molly shared how she has changed her routine to include all of the ‘right things’, including exercise, journaling, eating healthy, creating structure and more.

“When you’ve gone to therapy, left a job, started journaling, going to the gym, implementing better structures for your ADHD, less screen time, learned to cook healthier meals, daily hot girl walks, don’t talk to boys anymore, read self help books, done sh*t loads of reiki”, she wrote.

@mollerina_she completely unravels and her world is a lie 💔 ##rejectionsensitivity ##rsd ##rejectionsensitivitydysphoria ##adhd ##adhdinwomen♬ original sound – Trixisye

Before adding: “And you’re still stuck physically and mentally in the same dark spot”

While there are some days that we can do little things to help our own mental health, there are others when the small things feel as if they’re not making any changes, or aren’t supporting you in any way.

It can feel difficult when you’re trying hard and no immediately seeing changes, but it’s so important to remember that working on your mental health can take time, and isn’t always easy or pleasant, but it’s always worth it in the end.

Showing up for yourself is a huge, brave step, and going easy on yourself when it doesn’t instantly change is just as important.

If you feel like you can’t turn to anyone at home for support or to open up to, remember that there are other places that you can turn to. You’re never alone and help is always out there. Whatever the problem, there’s someone to chat to. You can call, text or chat to any of the organisations and support lines below (make sure to swipe to the second pic too!) to get the help that you deserve.


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Molly often talks openly about her ADHD (or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) diagnosis across her social pages.

In some cases, ADHD will fade as you get older while in others it stays with you into adulthood. ADHD has nine symptoms, and the evaluation process is usually made by a GP or a counsellor. ADHD for young people can be very tough, especially in a classroom environment.

You can read more about ADHD, including the symptoms here.