Molly-Mae Calls Out Troll Who Said She Was ‘Shallow, Fat And Useless’

They also called her a 'spoiled brat'...

Molly-Mae Hague has called out a troll for sending her a very nasty message.

The Love Island star shared a screenshot of DM she got after she said she had lost her phone.

“Oh poor you, you spoilt brat there are more important problems in this world, people suffering to a much higher degree,” the woman replied.

“You are so SHALLOW, VACUOUS and USELESS to society. Thick materialistic FAT cow.”

Taking it on the chin, Molly-Mae said: “My dms are honestly so wild you know. I genuinely have become so desensitised to reading this kind of stuff.”

The 21-year-old likely got messages of support from her followers, as she posted another message to reassure fans that she was okay.

“All good over here guys don’t you worry xxx,” she said.

This comes after Molly-Mae received negative comments from people under a photo of her in a bikini (where, we must say, she looked FAB!).

She responded by saying: “I would genuinely love to know who writes these comments? Like how can you actually write s**t like that and sleep at night? Beyond me.”

It goes without saying but sending people nasty messages is pointless and hurtful for everyone involved. Trolling will upset the person in question and it won’t make you feel any better about yourself either.

Being kind online is so important as you never know what people are going through and even if they’re not going through anything huge, they still deserve kindness.

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