MTV Catfish Is Looking For Irish People To Take Part

Do you know someone who should apply?

We’ve all been shocked and stunned by the revelations on MTV Catfish over the years, whether it was the guy who was convinced he was dating Katy Perry, or the many people who end up knowing the person who was catfishing them all along.

Since the show aired, we’ve been using the word catfish in our everyday language, whether it’s when we glow up and do our hair and makeup, or when we’re talking to someone online we haven’t met (which we all know is a bad idea if you’re under 18!).

But if you know someone who you think is being catfished, MTV is looking for Irish people to join the show.

The producers are looking for people “who have fallen for someone using a fake profile, never had a video call or met in person or those who are keeping a secret from their online date.”


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A spokesperson from producers Viacom said: “Each episode brings couples together who’ve interacted solely through the internet. They’ve supposedly fallen in love or become best friends; we arrange for them to finally meet in real life for the first time.”

They added: “Whether someone is worried that they’re in love or friends with a catfish or would like to come clean to the person they’re catfishing, we can help them. We’re looking for couples and friends who have never met up in person or even seen each other on video chat.”

“Whether they want to finally meet their online love or friend face-to-face, have something to confess or simply want to get to the bottom of why they always cancel dates, we would love to hear from them.”

If you know someone you think needs help with their online relationship, whether it’s your big sis, a naive parent or a colleague who’s convinced their marrying a beauty queen, this might be the way to get through to them.

You must be over 18 to apply for the show and you can do so here.