Need A Last Minute Father’s Day Gift? Here Are 5 Homemade Picks For You To Choose From

If you haven't got time to pick up anything, don't fret.

Sometimes time runs away on us and even something really important can slip our minds. This may have happened to you this Father’s Day and with only two days to go until the big day, it’s no wonder if you’re starting to panic.

Although with COVID-19 it has been hard if not impossible for some people to go to the shops. While there it’s even harder to take the time to browse and search for the perfect gift as it feels like every shopping trip needs to be as quick and efficient as it can be.

So, what do you do when it’s two days before Father’s Day and you have no present? Well, you could run in a frantic panic and try and get your hands on anything in the shops. Or you could dedicate a little bit of time and artistic attention to the task at hand and make a homemade gift this year.

Homemade gifts are amazing for two reasons, number one, they are usually relatively cheap to make and also quite fun. Secondly, they are super thoughtful! For the majority of people, a homemade gift would outweigh the significance of a bought materialistic item. The fact that you dedicated time and effort into making something special and unique for them will speak volumes.

So follow these five tutorials to make some gorgeous last-minute Father’s Day gifts:

A Gorge Photo Frame

There is no nicer present than the reminder of a happy memory, right? Making a photo frame to place a picture of you two together, would not only be thoughtful but will be something they’re guaranteed to cherish forever. Check out this easy tutorial from Making Things Is Awesome right here.

Desk accessories to the rescue

He’ll always have a reminder of you when he’s working at the office or at his desk with these dotey pencil cup holders! Simple, useful and thoughtful all rolled into one. Check out how to make them at home right here.

Personalised Tshirt

Are you tired of your dad embarrassing you? We’ve all been there! Well, why not turn the tables on him by making him this personalised t-shirt and insisting he wears it, even if it is just to a family BBQ. This is an extra fun idea if you have younger brothers or sisters who can help too. Find the tutorial here.

A Keepsake Box

Make him a keepsake box to keep past and future Father’s day gifts in. He’ll always have this special box to remember this special time of year. This is another fantastic one to get younger brothers or sisters to help out with too. Check out this adorable one by Darcy & Brian here.

A Goodie Bag

If you’re able, you could go to the shop to get your dad a goodie bag of all the little things he loves. It could include their favourite snacks, drinks or even toiletries. To make the goodie bag extra special why not try out making it into a design that your dad is sure to laugh at. Check out how to personalise a gift bag below.

Words by: Nicky Anderson

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