Never Been Kissed? Here’s What You Need To Remember

There is absolutely no hurry...


In one of our KISS surveys, we discovered that 35 per cent of you are still waiting for that important first kiss. Surprised? It might seem like you’re the only person in your year who still hasn’t got that smooch, but you might be relieved to hear that the people who say they kissed the face off a certain person, are often the ones who have never been kissed at all.

Waiting for your first kiss can be excruciating, but before you waste time on this random person that you don’t even like, remember you only get ONE first kiss and you don’t want to regret it.

No hurry, honey

So why is that first kiss such a massive deal anyway? Well apart from the fact that it means, woo hoo, this person actually fancies you, most see it as a rite of passage; one they want to get out of the way. Unfortunately, scoring a first kiss who makes your stomach churn (and not in a good way) will not make a decent first kiss. Not only will it leave you grossed out, you’ll probably want to swear off kissing for the rest of your life. If you feel under pressure to simply get it over with, remind yourself that good things come to those who wait and if you wait, you can find the best first kiss. Instead of a slobbery, slimey fumble around, you’re better off waiting for Mr or Mrs Right.

It takes time

I know, it might seem like all of your friends have gotten that first kiss and that you are left as the odd one out. This isn’t true, some of them might still be just as nervous as you are even if they have had that first kiss. Not all the worry goes away after that one first kiss. It takes time to feel comfortable with yourself, not to mention being comfortable with the other person you are kissing. If you want a good first kiss, you have to make yourself fully ready so that you enjoy it. If you know that boy or girl you’re kissing isn’t worth it or isn’t showing you that they are interested then you need to know what you deserve. Never settle.

Don’t stress

If it takes you to the age of 20 to find someone worthy of having a first kiss with, who cares? It’s better to wait for that kiss with someone worthwhile than to regret the terrible one you had when you were 15. Everyone is different so don’t let someone tell you that you need to get that first kiss over with when you’re not ready.

KISS ≠ Cool

Some people might think that a first kiss means that they are pretty, popular or even mature but actually, kissing isn’t a measure of your worth in any way, shape or form. Kissing is nice and can be fun, but not having had a kiss yet doesn’t make you any less great. Who said it did anyway?

Thanks, COVID. 

If ever there was a reason not to be kissing someone, it’s the *small* matter of the pandemic we’re dealing with right now. With restrictions, we’re not even supposed to STAND too close to our friends, never mind hug or kiss people. This past year has made it really hard for anyone who is looking to pursue something romantic so if it hasn’t happened for you yet, remember that literally no one can just go out and kiss people right now. It’s a world-wide problem, so it couldn’t possibly be about you.



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