Okay, Does This Mean Gigi And Zayn Are Officially Back Together?

This feels an awful lot like déjà vu...

The rumours that Gigi and Zayn are back together have been floating around for what seems like AGES now. After they were spotted celebrating Zayn’s birthday together, we were all pretty sure they’re back on the cards. But now, we’re basically 99.9% certain.

Zayn made an appearance on Gigi’s Instagram Stories over the weekend. Now, if that’s not confirming that Zigi is back on, I don’t know what is. It wasn’t exactly a real life appearance, but we’ll take it.

Gigi shared a photo of her bedside table, with a cute polaroid of the pair getting cosy.

If we’re thinking logically here, you’re not going to have a pic of your ex on your bedside table if they’re still your ex… Right?