Olivia Rodrigo’s Pop-Punk Princess Prom Style: How Can We Embrace The Look

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The pop-punk princess style had a chokehold on the noughties, when icons like Avril Lavigne, Fefe Dobson, and Jojo reigned supreme. And the style is being brought back thanks to the reigning monarch of pop-punk, that is Olivia Rodrigo.

Olivia made waves during her Sour Tour, when she asked fans to come decked out in their prom attire for her concert in Detroit, to celebrate her opening act, Gracie Abrams’, final night.

Fans (and Olivia) delivered and served Y2K prom vibes but with an edge.

Rumour has it that Olivia will be asking fans to go to prom with her for a few special shows during the rest of the tour. But even if you don’t have tickets to one of her shows, you can still have a lot of fun with the look. Be it for the debs/formal, TY ball, sports gala, any formal event really, or even if you just want to get dressed up and dance around your room!

So how exactly can we capture the pop punk princess style and balance those fun bubblegum style elements with grungier details? Well here’s everything you need to know:

1. It should be as frilly and puffy as possible

One of the easiest ways to balance all of the elements of the pop-punk princess aesthetic is to focus on one aspect for the main part of your outfit. Olivia typically does this by going with the princess style for her dresses and then adding in punk elements with her accessories.

To really get the princess part down go for something dainty and frilly. For dresses, A-line is a great option as it has that classic prom shape. But there’s no pressure to wear a dress if it’s not your style, you could always go for a co-ord set, jumpsuit, or even top and trousers.

When it comes to colours pastels are the best choice, and for materials try and keep it light, think layered muslin or light cotton.

2. Tights are right

So here is when you can start incorporating some punk elements, with the styling. Tights are basically a must if your going for a dress or skirt, and a sheer option will look amazing.

Olivia is a big fan of fishnets and for good reason. They’re a staple of the classic punk look and go with pretty much everything.

But there are other sheer options out there, like sheer lace or mesh floral patterns. What ever works for you!

3. You go glove

Opera gloves are one of the best pop-punk accessories out there, and they’ve been having a moment outside of the aesthetic, so very trendy right now.

Miss Rodrigo loves dark fishnet or mesh fingerless opera  gloves, but honestly it’s hard to go wrong with any.

If opera gloves aren’t your thing, no need to panic, there are loads of great options. Arm warmers work great and leave your hands free (Olivia has actually worn these a few times as well), while cuff gloves are great if you’d like a shorter option.

Bonus points if you’re gloves and tights actually match as well.

4. These boots are made for rocking

Nothing says punk like a heavy pair of boots.

Olivia is a fan of knee high combat boots, which are a stunning option. But they’re far from the only choice, regular combats are brilliant, knee-high riding boots would look great as well, and honestly there’s nothing more Y2K than high tops with your prom dress.

Keeping with the dark colour scheme of your accessories and make sure you can dance in them, then your good to go.

5. What’s a princess with out her crown?

All princesses (even punk ones) wear tiaras!

Olivia isn’t afraid to throw a crown on and it ties her whole look together. But if a tiara wouldn’t suit you’re event, no worries there are still plenty of ways to embrace the crown style.

A studded hairband is the perfect casual option, as are shimmering hairclips. Just make sure it’s something that will catch the light and voilà you’re a pop punk princess’ prom dream .