Online Trolls Getting You Down? Here’s How To Deal With Them

We've all seen it happen, but what about when you're on the receiving end?

Usually, when we hear talk of online trolls, it’s to do with celebs and influencers. But, they can easily pop up in each of our very own social media pages too. It’s easy to think that this may never affect you, that you wouldn’t be a victim of online trolling or get swept up in the middle of it. But it can be a lot easier than you might think.

So, is an online troll just a bully? Well, basically it’s someone who’ll share and send messages specifically to annoy or hurt someone. Pretty much a bully then. We’ve all seen the toll that online trolling can take, but if you end up being at the receiving end of trolling, how can you deal with it?

Don’t Engage

It can be difficult to completely ignore nasty comments and not engage at all. Although saying that, it’s important to remember that people who send nasty comments are usually looking for the recipient to snap back, so they can continue with the messages. It’s basically adding fuel to the fire, which is unfair because you also have the right to defend yourself. But we promise, it’s best to not get involved and let that fire just burn out.

Be The Bigger Person

This is always easier said than done, but whenever we’re told to be the bigger person, it’s almost always the perfect advice. It’s another thing that seems unfair, seen as you haven’t done anything wrong. This is usually when these trolls shine through – when the subject of their discussion hasn’t done anything bad, but they decide it’s a good idea to pick for things about them online. The key is to ignore it and walk away. Chances are, you won’t feel as upset or annoyed about it the next day.

Report & Block

If ignoring the comments isn’t helping, it’s time to report and block. Usually, nasty comments will come from a faceless social media page, created solely to spread nastiness online. Instagram or any other social platform isn’t doing anything about this kind of pages just yet, so all we can do is report and block. At least this way, the troll can’t engage with you directly.

Talk To Someone

If you are receiving hateful comments online, make sure to talk to someone about it. Whether that be your parents, guardians, siblings or friends. Just talk to someone about how you’re feeling, rather than bottling things up and trying to deal with it all by yourself.

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